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Yosemite lower falls moonbow
May 17th 10:23 PM
Thanks to @brian.hawkins for his moonbow prediction website
His prediction for lower falls was
May 17, 2019: 9:00PM (Fri) - 10:20PM (Fri)
upper falls was May 17, 2019: 9:00PM (Fri) - 9:30PM (Fri)
I'll post the tiny upper falls one later
I tried for 2 hours to capture the moonbow at the upper falls from across the meadow - waiting for the moon to peek out from behind the clouds. After the time the moonbow was supposed to appear, the clouds cleared to let the moon out- and there was no moonbow to be seen as it was after the time it could be seen. I knew there had to be one at the lower falls until 10:20. So I ran up to the lower falls in the pitch black to witness the ghost moonbow. At night, our eyes cannot see color due to the sensitivity of the rods and cones so the moonbow appears like a gray line in the mist, however, the camera captures it. It really felt like I was seeing a ghost.
This is a difficult shot because of the massive mist hitting the camera lens - it makes the image soft. I tried keeping it clean but gave up quickly as my new camera was getting soaked! My tip: don't stand in the mist! (but I wanted that flowing water!)