Driving across America during the Pandemic

What we learned while driving across America during the pandemic

The Blue Whale Tour

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Our trip across America and what we experienced

We have always wanted to travel the country with an RV but never got more than 5 days off of work. However, during the pandemic, we were working from home.

I searched on YouTube for some videos on RVing.  Well, that started a rabbit hole of watching and we found out that lots of people were doing it.  We thought it was impossible. 

Our first video was with Chad and Tara with a rear deck in the woods, showing what they have done and their amazing 5th wheel.https://changinglanesrv.com/ His videos and amazon store are a place to be - We wouldn't have done it without their videos.

We needed a truck, an RV, and a plan.  We didn't know how long the pandemic would last and we just left it alone for a bit.  The plan took 4 months.

Then we started visiting the RV dealerships, and just 'stopping' by to take a look at some trucks.  There were NO trucks in Los Angeles - Ford wasn't shipping inventory and only F450's were available.

We got our feet wet and our research down.  All we had to do was do it.

We bit the bullet and committed. 

The Rig

We looked at many RV's before getting our list to a select few, and chose the 

https://www.granddesignrv.com/ 3740BH-R


This layout was perfect for our family of 4 and provided the kids with some private space with an office area, bathroom and little bedrooms of their own.

The Truck

We chose the Ford F350 DRW diesel that will pull anything we ever wanted in the future.  In addition, it is a really nice truck and great for a daily driver, even though it takes up 2 car spaces.

The Trip

The original plan was to go through Oregon  then to Yellowstone, then Colorado to Key West .  However, our 5th wheel was delayed at the factory and dealership by 4 weeks so we had to change plans to go through Vegas to Jackson Hole to avoid the snow.

Below are the places we visited and some of the photographs that I was able to get.  

We hope you enjoy our story. Say hi in the contact us area if you found this useful.

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Las Vegas

The first stop was Las Vegas.  The trip started out fine - we brought the RV home from the dealership  and stayed in Long Beach for 1 night.  the next morning, we started filling up the camper, modifying the kids room, removing the couch and installing the washer and dryer.  We finished around 7PM, when it was still light out and started leaving our neighborhood.  

We were all ready to go, until a tree stopped us from getting out.   Yes, the very first day I ran into a tree and needed to run back to the house to get the saw to cut it apart.  It damaged the side a bit, but everything looked fine.

We made it to Vegas at 4AM.  Good thing check in is until 5AM.  That was a long night.

We stayed at a nice pull through site at


The next day I want to Cracker Barrel to order breakfast.

I am continuing to take you through a journey of Zion.  Here is another sunset from the bridge.

Zion / St. George

Our next stop was Zion area, but we didn't have time to visit Zion.  The picture to the left is the fall the previous year.

We pulled up to the KOA and the nice people killed the giant ants that were in the only spot left.


I was exhausted from driving and wanted to just chill and prepare for the next drive to St. Lake City


Salt Lake City

The next stop was at Pony Express RV resort

Pony Express

This was the first of many Sun Resorts we would stay at.  It was a nice park with full drive through concrete sites.  A breath of fresh air for this 3 day in RV driver.

On the way there, the GPS made us get off of the highway for a DETOUR for some reason.  If you want to flip me out, make me pull an RV through the little city.  It turns out that it wanted to avoid some traffic - I quickly turned off that feature for the rest of the trip.

I haven't take any photos yet!

The photo to the left is on the way to Jackson Hole for a quick stop at the stream.

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Jackson Hole, WY

Finally after 4 days of driving, we made it to Jackson Hole.  We were so excited to see the Grand Tetons as we came around the corner.  It was the best feeling ever!

We stayed at Fireside Resort.


There are no sewer hookups here due to the weather.  

We saw elk, moose, bear and some amazing sunsets.  The photo at left was an elk with fall foliage behind.

We drove up to Yellowstone, which will be in the next section.

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Yellowstone National Park

We saw old faithful, Grand Prismatic Springs, bubbling mud and dragon's breath.  We saw bison and waterfalls.  This park is huge (and pretty far from Jackson Hole).  

If we come back, we will stay closer to the park.

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A Walk in the Woods

Here is a shot from Grand Teton when we went searching for Moose.

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Grand Teton

This is Schwabacher landing.  Click on the link, go visit!


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Artist Point, Yellowstone

As a landscape photographer, you sometimes need to come back to the same spot 10 times before you get the right lit.  In this case, it was sunset, the falls were backlit, and I will never be back, so I had to get the shot.

Untitled photo

Fine Art

Each time I am out photographing, I always try to get a minimalistic shot.  It was easy at Grand Prismatic Springs. 

Untitled photo

Crested Butte

The next spot was Crested Butte.  I rode my mountain bike for the first time here on an epic Aspen Trail called Lupine Trail.



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