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Los Angeles Landscape 

Kenneth Hahn Park

Kenneth Hahn Sunrise

This is the view from Kenneth Hahn Park.  Drive all the way up to the top, park in the lot and walk down the long corridor on the right. 

Make sure you visit in January with the snow capped mountains!

Be careful with time, the park closes at sunset. I added a picture of where to park to get the sunrise shots.  

Bring a tripod.  This was shot with a 300mm lens.  600mm is a bit too far, but you can get a great panorama with that lens.  Also try other focal lengths.  

Kenneth Hahn Photo location for Los Angeles Skyline with mountains in background

Parking location for out of hours at Kenneth Hahn

3D view of Kenneth Hahn Los Angeles landscape view

Parking Spot

Los Angeles California Landscape Location - Baldwin Hills

This location requires you to park at the top of the hill, or hike up the many steps.

(trial run) Supermoon rising over Los Angeles, CA.  Are you ready for the Supermoon rise on 1/31/18?<br />
This was shot from Baldwin Hills Overlook.  Walked up 273 ft of stairs and twisted an ankle on the way down.<br />
_____<br />
Randomly ran into @ttregs @laury33_ @joshua_chaiton<br />
Had a great time watching the silver moon.

Los Angeles Landscape Photo Location - Ascot Hills

Los Angeles from Ascot Hills

This is the view from Ascot Hills.  You have to hike up a dirt path to get to the top past the antenna towers.  Then set up your tripod.  If you want a night view, make sure you park OUTSIDE of the park.  I made the mistake of parking inside, I had to run down, move my car and come back up to get this night shot.  It was worth it.

Watch for helicopters.  While shooting the sunset time lapse, i was able to capture one every second.  Then i blended in Photoshop using the Darken blending mode.

Bring a flashlight and a Tripod.

Ascot hills Los Angeles landscape photo location

Los Angeles Photo Location - Griffith Observatory

Griffith park with LA in background

Hiking Spot

Here is the first stop to get the view of the Griffith Observatory with Los Angeles in the background.  Take some time here and get some shots in the day, and wait until night.  Bring a flashlight.  Make sure you pay enough for parking as you don't want to have to retake your pictures.

Griffith park photo location front view

Keep on hiking up the hill to find this spot for a front on view.  You could continue up the hill, but it isn't much worth it.  you want a low angle to get the background of the traffic.

Los Angeles Photo Location - Vincent Thomas Bridge

Vincent Thomas Bridge - San Pedro, Ca

The only suspension bridge in Los Angeles.  

Sunrise at the Bridge

This is the Vincent Thomas Bridge.  I have been taking pictures of it for months and have found many great views.  Best time to arrive is 1 hr before sunrise when there are low clouds, and when you can see the mountain.  When it is super clear, you get a good view of the sun.  Use Google Earth to map the sun's path to get an accurate position.

Vincent Thomas Bridge - Straight On

Walk over to the Flag and find a composition with the bridge centered.  Be careful, tiny movements are needed to align the bridge.  i wish i had a geared tripod head in this situation.  Capture the sun rise, or moon rise.  Be here at blue hour to get the light trails.  When it is too dark, the lights blow out the image.  I prefer more dynamic range so my favorite time is both blue hours.

The blue lights turn on right after sunset, and turn off at midnight.  Best light seems to occur right when they turn on.

Los Angeles Photo Location  - Terrenea

The Cave at Terrenea

This is from inside the Cave at Terrenea.  Crawl down during low tide.

There are pigeons in the roof - they poop.

There are seals that go in here - they poop.

Best to go after the high tide to clean out the area.  Watch for clouds.

I got a whale blowing when I was taking a video in this position.j

Get low, take brackets, get the light during sunset.

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